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CLOSES: 4 FEB 2021     DRAWN: 5 FEB 2021

MS Lotteries

The MS Limited Edition lottery program is one of MS Queensland’s major fundraising initiatives. All profits go towards the provision of vital services to help improve the lives of people with MS and allow them to live with independence and dignity.

We have 2 types of lottery draws. The MS Limited Edition and the MS Club Draw.

We have 8 MS Limited Edition Lotteries a year with limited tickets in each draw at a cost of $50 each.  These lotteries are for a new luxury vehicle and have a multiple-ticket buyers prize as well as a separate prize for MS Autobuy subscribers.

We have 2 Invitation-Only MS Club draws a year with a prize worth over a quarter of a million dollars! Customers can pre-qualify by becoming an MS Autobuy subscriber in the MS Limited Edition lottery or by earning enough points. You can learn more about our MS Club Draw here

Because of the limited number of tickets available, we encourage regular supporters to join MS AUTOBUY so they never miss out on tickets. Being an MS Autobuy subscriber makes you eligible for the special ‘MS AUTOBUY Prize Draw’, guarantees your tickets in each draw and saves the hassle of ordering each time.

MS Queensland

MS Queensland is a non-profit organisation that is the first-choice for MS information, education, treatment, care and support across Queensland.

We also provide accurate and timely information from leading MS researchers and clinicians for people with MS, their family, friends, and healthcare providers.

Our VISION is a world free from multiple sclerosis.

Our PURPOSE us to help people living with MS to get the best out of life; to advocate for change and to search for a cure.

Our MISSION is to be the first-choice for MS information, education, treatment, care and support across Queensland.

Our VALUES are respect, hope, commitment and collaboration.

For more information on MS and the work that we do, please see www.msqld.org

Where your money goes

100% of profits support our MS Queensland initiatives. As the only service provider specifically dedicated to supporting people living with MS, we are responsible for delivering a number of core services to 2,481 customers across Queensland, including: supported accommodation and respite; physiotherapy and exercise therapy; immunotherapy and nursing support; counselling; information and education resources, workshops and webinars, and regional service coordination.

Our Partners

Our lottery supply partners are:
Mercedes-Benz Toowong

CLOSES: 4 FEB 2021 - DRAWN: 5 FEB 2021



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